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  • “Christien made it a point to learn our business, strategy and goals – he was a true valued partner in developing social media practices. I’d recommend him as a colleague or business partner any day of the week.”Sara Hassell, VP at Fortune 50 Finance Corporation
  • “Christien is a great coach. He’s relatable and empathetic. His feedback is always actionable, and he ensures that I take action.”Katharine Mobley, Award-Winning CMO | Storyteller | Tech Entrepreneur
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Our 3-Step Personal Branding System

Your personal brand on the front is only as strong as the system running it in the back.


Do you know why you exist? You’ve accomplished a lot, but do you know what success looks like? We’ll make sure that you do and that you stay focused on it.


Are you exhausted by trying to keep up with every new fad? It’s easy to become distracted by shiny new objects. We’ll make sure that you only see what needs to be seen to grow you personal brand and ultimately your business.


Is technology running you or are you running technology? We’ll put systems in place that will enable you to grow your personal brand not overload it.

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