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The Importance of Having a Personal Platform to Sales Leadership

We are the social networking age. We are social media fanatics. The internet, websites and social media have grown up through our lives like ivy taking hold of a ramshackle old building. Like Wrigley Field in Chicago, the brickwork has been lost. There’s too much ivy. There’s too much networking noise. How do we get ahead with modern sales leadership in such an information noisy world? How do you ensure the voice someone hears today is your voice, selling your product, selling your brand, selling your idea?

It can no longer be left to chance. You can no longer let a good product or outstanding service speak for itself. They will be drowned out in the cacophony of information overload that everyone experiences throughout their day. You can no longer have a piecemeal approach to your message, product or concept and cross your fingers and hope it is your voice that gets heard. It simply won’t happen, and beyond that, it will become increasingly difficult to manage. Sales Leadership now relies entirely on the focus of the individual, their ability to understand, drive and refine their approach.

Hence the rise of the Personal Platform. This is your virtual world stage, your soap box from which to broadcast your message, with the best microphones available to ensure you can take your brand, your name, your concept directly to the palm of thousands. The technology is simpler to navigate than ever before – you can release a podcast, launch press releases on Twitter, write blogs, or even create your own video channel, with relative ease. But don’t let it be a jumbled potluck approach. You need a Personal Platform that creates your virtual base from where you can conduct your sales leadership mission.

The idea is that by spending minimal time and effort on your Personal Platform, to effectively set the wheels in motion to do the hard-work for you, Sales Leadership in the current technology environment is given a cutting edge. If you harness its potential, if you invest the time, energy and drive to create a Personal Platform that communicates your message, then you will be able to outreach more effectively through podcasts, books, blogs and social media more efficiently. Through this you will be able to channel traffic where you want it to go – not just rely on luck – and see vast increases in valuable traffic coming back to you from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Radio or TV.

This coordination, through a Personal Platform, boosts your Sales Leadership no end and begins an exponential growth of its own. Through investing in your Personal Platform you ensure you are not only highly visible, but also intricately connected to important sales relationships, and that your message is amplified and heard above the madding crowd.

Sales Leaders live and die by figures. It’s the currency of thought that we work in. This is where a Personal Platform becomes quantifiable. Targets are set, met and exceeded. 1000 new followers, 1700 new subscribers. Each one getting out YOUR message without them even realising they are doing the work for you.

Without realizing it, if you invest the right drive in to your Sales Leadership that places at its heart a Personal Platform, you will see tremendous growth in your networks, the people you connect with, your contacts, your followers and all your sales connections. Fundamentally you engage with the customer in a targeted, easy way that enables them to believe they wanted your contact all along, they want and need their network and communication with you. Importantly, you will become the brand. You will drive the sales. Even if you’re not wining and dining in the traditional way, it’ll be your menu the client chooses to come back to.

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