Episode 1: Meg Crawford on the Importance of Confidence in Sales Success

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On this inaugural episode of Sell Personal, we are going to talk to Meg Crawford, a digital strategist. Meg is going to talk to us about her career in brand marketing. Meg was working with SAS Software, then moved to Lulu.com, and currently works with an ad agency. Meg walks us through that progression and what she has learned along the way.

Meg believes her confidence has played a big part in her success. When she left the software company she felt the smaller company would be a great educational experience to get a view of the whole picture. She says now that her work at the agency is showing her a new side of the business.

Frequent job changing is quickly becoming a cultural norm. Meg doesn’t worry if her resume looks random, but her direction stays the same. This means she is growing and reinventing herself.

She began her career as a contractor at SAS at a time when social media was turning a corner. Businesses began to see the value of social media and how they could connect with customers.

During this time she followed the social media campaigns of Ford’s Scott Monty, who changed the way big companies engaged with their customer base. Although she wanted to share her passion of social media, the most important lesson she took away from the job was not everybody is going to be on board.

Meg thinks the future of personal branding will be based on personal reputation and a cooperative relationship with the larger brand and the people who work for that brand. Brands and employees will have to support each other. Personal views are being defended by companies as “personal issues” that don’t affect the larger brand.

Some of the of the takeaways from this episode are:

  • Always be growing and moving forward.
  • Optimism is a great quality, and necessary in the beginning, but challenges will have to be faced.

To learn more about Meg Crawford you can find her on Twitter @postgrad or email her at megtcrawford@gmail.com

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