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Episode 10: Chase Fourcade on Building a Personal Brand through Social Media

In Podcast by Christien Louviere


You’d be surprised how much wisdom a high school student has. Today’s guest – Chase Fourcade – is the star quarterback of Rummel High School, and he’s just starting his senior year. He’s already on the professional radar, with recruiters offering him football scholarships and opportunities across the globe, but he still manages to stay humble, focused, and motivated. And he’s built his personal brand through one single social media outlet – Twitter.

Christien: “With social media, you are in the middle of Gen Z that was born surrounded by some type of screen at all times, and I think you adapt very well to information overload.”

Twitter is an excellent tool for building your brand, and learning how to manage the praise, the criticism, and the direct conversations social media can start with customers and clients can and will help you establish a strong and recognizable brand and product. But how exactly do you do that? That’s why Chase is here. His insight is not only refreshing, it’s downright motivating. He has tricks for ignoring the negative comments, how to manage the onslaught of direct messages and information overload, and his motivation for his team is one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve had. Take a few points from Chase today and watch your brand explode across the Twitterverse.

Chase on ignoring social media: “Worry about the team and the teammates around you and the coaches that surround you that push you and make you better every day. That’s what I really strive for.”


  • Balancing praise and criticism on social media
  • Managing social media to get your brand noticed the right way
  • How to make yourself stand out in this culture of information overload
  • Motivation techniques to keep your and your team’s eyes on the ball

Chase on leadership: “From a leadership standpoint, you have to motivate him to be better than what he just did…you have to put it in their head, the positive vibes.”

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