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Episode 11: Chrissy Blaisdell on Using the Right Hashtags

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

Have you found your favorite hashtag yet? Hashtags are the easiest way to find information on social media, and using appropriate hashtags can give your brand the boost it needs. Whatever your product, hashtags will increase your traffic, build your sales, and help you establish a huge and unstoppable online presence. As long as you use them correctly! That’s the catch. Finding the right hashtags and using them at the right time can be a hard act to balance. This week, I brought on the most obsessive-compulsive hashtagger I know to help us all find the right way to tag our brand.

Chrissy: “I see the value of the hashtag from the consumer’s perspective and then also from the marketer’s perspective…I like to search by tags to see what people are talking about…[and] I try to hashtag based on related topics.”

Chrissy Blaisdell is a digital brand marketer, and her role involves optimizing web content and social media platforms to drive sales for her current clients: delicious wines from Northern California. On this episode, she tells us her tricks for using hashtags to build an online presence and a successful sales relationship with distributors, costumers, and consumers alike.


  • How to search and use hashtags effectively
  • Looking at other popular brands online for inspiration and insight
  • Adapting your personal business model for new social media trends
  • Fighting your nerves by building a time table to establish your business goals
  • Chrissy’s own tips for becoming a better-than-the-average wine taster

Chrissy: “We do should ourselves – I feel like I should do this because of my age or my position in life or whatever, but it’s really like life is short, is this ultimately going to make your happier?”


Reach out to Chrissy on Twitter @CBlaisdell and check her insightful and information posts on Tumblr at

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