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Episode 13: Fred Schonenberg on Scaling a Startup

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There’s nothing easy about being an entrepreneur. If you can’t handle the stress, then you probably won’t be in it for the long haul. Big things don’t happen overnight, and those billion-dollar sales you read about in the Times definitely don’t happen without a little blood, sweat, and tears from you and your team. But how do you know if all that work you’re putting in is worth it?

Well, you don’t.

In fact, my guest today will tell you to be prepared for failure. Fred Schonenberg, founder and CEO of VentureFuel, may know how to do sales the right way, but he still knows what it’s like to see things fail quickly. That’s why he and his team at VentureFuel ( help the new, emerging tech and media startups find the right advertisers and the right niche so they can avoid failure. “The speed of which with people are innovating and creating new and cool things is insane now,” he says. “Every day there’s a new startup or a new technology that pops up…We want to help these emerging companies become something giant.”

If you want to get big, tune in now to hear Fred’s tips for bringing your business into the prime time. You can reduce stress, avoid failure, and keep your eyes on the prize. Check out what we talk about:

  • What big business is looking for in new and emerging tech
  • How to weigh your success based on passion and purpose
  • How to carve out a niche for your new startup
  • What to look for when hiring sales people and staff
  • Why Fred doesn’t believe in business plans

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