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Episode 14: Adrienne Scordato on Building Public Relations

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Public Relations is a loaded statement. It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and deciding on a definition that fits your business can be one of the hardest decisions you make all year. From customer management to sales and marketing – and you can’t forget social media publishing – it all falls under the big umbrella of Public Relations. So how exactly are you supposed to balance all of this and establish a successful PR campaign? Adrienne Scordato of Atrium PR has a pretty good idea to get you started.

Adrienne is the founder and CEO of Atrium, the PR firm that promotes brands by using content and media to communicate with target audiences. Her first piece of advice on today’s episode is to start viewing yourself as a media publishing company no matter what your business focus is. “Social media really helps everyone in business…to become their own content publishers,” she says. When you take control of your own content, you are in control of the relationship you create with your clients and your audience. And building a network like this is the strongest – and fastest – way to create the lasting relationships you need to build and grow your business. “The reason I have been successful is because of my network,” Adrienne says, and on today’s episode she discusses exactly how these relationships affect your PR and how you can get the ball rolling on your next media campaigns.

Tune in now to hear more on:

  • How to become your own publishing company
  • Balancing social media, publishing content, and your big business goals
  • Developing the right relationships to grow your business
  • How important it is to maintain these relationships throughout your career
  • Adrienne’s unique secret sauce for time management


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