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Episode 15: Eddie Johnson on Drawing Inspiration for Designing a Timeless Accessory

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

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Today on Sell Personal we talk with Eddie Johnson, the designer and founder of Verdure Watches. Eddie’s designs are worn by young professionals and celebrities like R&B star “P. Diddy” Sean Combs and boxer Mike Tyson. His business is exclusively driven by social media and word of mouth. On today’s episode Eddie shares his passion for watches and the timeless appeal of the accessory.

Eddie was born and raised in New Jersey. He was inspired by the fashion choices of his father and grandfather. This influence shows in Eddie’s work which walks the line of classic and modern. Eddie has a presence on Instagram and Twitter that draws business and has earned him a following. Some of the topics we discuss today are:

  • Eddie’s inspiration for design.
  • His design process.
  • His view on upcoming trends.
  • His vision for the future and his place in the world of watch design.

Eddie’s work can be found online at and You can also check out his work on Instagram.

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