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Episode 16: Shauna Neely on Finding Your Confidence

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

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Building your business doesn’t start with an online launch. It starts with passion, exploration, and confidence. Today’s episode is all about harnessing your confidence and getting noticed online, and you can practically hear the confidence oozing out of my guest, Shauna Neely. She’s the genius behind the beautiful designs at Shauna Neely Jewelry ( She’s self-taught, self-made, and she’s the perfect person to talk to about turning your dreams into a successful reality.

“Passion is a navigation system that will never fail you,” Shauna says, and when you take a look at her success, you can see how influential passion can really be. Trusting yourself and your own talents and ideas is all part of following your passion, and Shauna explores the ways her passion inspired her confidence, her designs, and even her marketing strategy. Her use of visual mediums in social media helped build her brand and her client base, and her advice on today’s episode can help inspire you to do the same. Tune in now and hear Shauna’s confidence-building expertise on:

  • Following your passion and making it successful
  • Exploring different promotional images and videos options on social media
  • Dealing with competition in your field and using it as motivation
  • How your business ethic and perspective can transform your sales relationships
  • How to build a solid business before launching it online

Check out Shauna’s custom designs at for exclusive earrings, necklaces, and unique wedding designs. Shauna’s videos on Instagram are amazing, so take a peek @sneelyjewlery. And you can contact her on Twitter at @sneelyjewelry

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