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Episode 19: Navid Zolfaghari on Personal Brand Building

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

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Today’s guest is entrepreneur Navid Zolfaghari who is a master of innovation and disruptive technology. Navid is the founder of Pinpoint Mobile which creates targeted mobile messages based on the location of the user. Before founding Pinpoint, Navid was an early member of Wildfire interactive. Where he created social media campaigns for large brands such as GM, AT&T and Target. Google acquired Wildfire in 2012.

Navid also founded online talent agency TriFrame. He is an advisor at 500 Startups, and he teaches ‘Social Media Marketing Strategies’ at Stanford University. Today Navid is going to share some of his successes and challenges to help listeners build their own personal brand platform. I feel fortunate to have met Navid early in his career. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty and does what needs to be done when starting a business.

  • Find out about Navid’s journey from Miami to Silicon Valley.
  • Learn how Navid discovered that sales, people and social media are his strength.
  • Discover why new technology is all about the data.
  • Find out why location based services make so much sense.
  • Understand why connecting with people is the basis for social media.
  • Businesses need to understand social media is a different way to enhance a relationship.

You can find out more about Navid at his website or follow him on Twitter @trifamenz to learn more about social media, sales and targeted mobile messages. You can find his favorite book David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell on Amazon.

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