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Episode 2: Cole Louviere on Optimizing Balance in High Performance Sales

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Today on Sell Personal we talk with Senior Medical Sales Rep. Cole Louviere, my brother and a great source for lifestyle improvement. Cole currently works in medical sales. He is a distributor for advanced wound care, which is a very fast paced and competitive industry. Our focus will be on optimizing your personal life during a fast pace career. Cole actually has found a great work/health balance that will help inspire others.

He is able to manage his weight and how to implement the changes needed to meet it. During high school he was 185 lbs. and he went to 260 lbs. to play football. Then he was offered to play for LSU where the average weight for a player was 320 lbs. He attended LSU and played football for the school.

He gained the extra 80 lbs. by implementing a plan. He had the same breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, snack everyday and he did it while avoiding fast food. He also planned ahead for workout routines especially when he traveled.  

Cole stresses the importance of knowing your goals. He didn’t want to put on “bad” weight. So he carefully watched the type of food he ate. But it wasn’t terribly strict, because he had a consistent routine in his diet. Consistency is the key. He also suggests water, and using your bodyweight to workout your body.

After college he entered into the medical field as a contract employee. Cole thinks that so much of life is who you know. Especially in his career. Relationships are what are going to matter. Quality not quantity.

Some of the takeaways of this episode are:

  • Make a good impression on people, it just might get your foot in the door.
  • Always follow through and prove your abilities.
  • Don’t let others tell you who you are. See it as just a hurdle.
  • Finally be consistent in all you do. Consistency is key.

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