Episode 21: Dave Williams on Tech Companies and Entrepreneurship

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

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Today I welcome Dave Williams, a well established entrepreneur and Angel investor. Dave has  been building digital advertising companies since the early days of the .com boom. He has started two major online companies that have had major strides and major pitfalls. The most notable of these pitfalls was the burst of the .com bubble.

Dave’s first business was 360i, the company had an explosive start, but soon fell victim to loss of clients due to the bubble burst. 360i began as a full service to .com companies, but soon it was clear that the model was not going to survive the bust. Dave and his investors soon turned to their energy to one aspect of the service. That focus was Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

His experience with 360i has lead to 3 major steps he uses when developing a new tech company.

  • Get a feel for the market. Offer your services to clients at a discount (or free) to learn the process.
  • Execute your ideas and see how the market reacts.
  • Choose one aspect of the process and become the  best at that one thing.

In  2010 Dave took his lessons from 360i and moved to New York. Once in New York, Dave began the company BLiNQ Media.

Other topics in today’s episode:

  • Dave’s early interest in the then new technology of the internet and its possibilities.
  • The 2 traits present in all entrepreneurs
  • Dave’s opinion of virtual currency and the inevitability of its use
  • What makes a good entrepreneur

Resources Mentioned Today:


Breathe Interactive (formed by former 360i employees)

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