Episode 22: Joe Koufman on Meeting the Needs of Businesses

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Today we’re joined by Joe Koufman, AgencySparks CEO, interactive marketer, internet broadcaster and family man. His company is essentially a dating service for brands and agencies, and that’s what he’s done his whole life but now he gets paid to do it. He holds a bachelor’s degree in both Politics and Speech Communications from Wake Forest University, and not only is he a sought after speaker, but he’s served on several boards of directors and advisers as well. 

Joe talks about why AgencySparks was created and the hardest thing about creating a demand for it and an education about it. He tells us what it is about his skillset that makes him so good at connecting people, and reveals the importance of going from selling a product to selling a service: “What would you like to accomplish?” instead of “How many do you want?”

Today’s topics include:

  • The truth about referrals
  • Setting your team up for success
  • Joe’s five steps to finding the opportunity
  • Why the relationships that you build matter
  • Not being desperate to make the sale
  • Understanding the value of experts vs. generalists  

We hope you can apply his life lessons to your own life as we discuss how he worked through his flaws and grew from them. Joe is an all-around great example of what a professional does: not only does he teach us the value of truly listening to other people’s advice, but he also discusses the value of other things in our life that we may be passing by.  

Be sure to check out Joe’s weekly Internet radio show that can be heard live on Tuesday nights at GumboShow.com. If you’d like to get in touch,  e-mail him at joe@agencysparks.com; he would love to hear from you.

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