Episode 24 GENZ: Emily Rooke-Ley on Finding Purpose in a Challenging Job

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Today we’re joined by Emily Rooke-Ley. She’s the case manager for Jane’s Due Process, and she helps pregnant teens who are living in abandoned or abusive homes terminate their pregnancies when they can’t safely get the parental consent that the law requires. In essence, she helps them navigate the court system and acts as their advocate.

She had previously worked in reproductive rights causes in Oregon and New York, and she felt like her work could be most meaningful in the situation in Texas, where abortion laws have become more and more difficult to manage over the last few years.

Today’s topics include:

  • Fighting a fight that matters to you
  • Her background in sports and social justice
  • Remembering where people are coming from
  • Why she transitioned into reproductive rights
  • How she deals with so much hate

Emily deals not only with a lot of pain in the cases she assists, but she receives a lot of hate and it can definitely be an emotional load. She explains how she rises above the difficulties that come with dealing with people who tend to jump to moral conclusions about abortion, even without hearing stories about their loved ones suffering through these situations.

We end on a high note with her telling us what it feels like to wake up with a sense of love and purpose for what you’re doing, and she emphasizes the importance of finding and pursuing what truly matters to you. If you’d like to get in touch with Emily, feel free to email her at emily@janesdueprocess.org; she would love to hear from you.

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