Episode 25: Tucker Max on Writing and Risk Taking

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

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If you already know that they serve beer in hell, then you know Tucker Max. His infamous stories of sex and debauchery span the whole of the United States and some European glory holes we won’t discuss here (you can read all about on www.tuckermax.com), but he’s always been one of sharpest entrepreneurs in the world of modern business. What began as a self-debasing joke on the internet has now evolved into a Book-in-a-Box business where Tucker takes his own eye for opportunity and helps other would-be business owners make their mark in the world of publishing.

“I work in books,” is what Tucker tells me on today’s interview, but he does so much more than that. He’s transformed book writing and publishing into a service you can use to get your thoughts and your voice down on paper, no matter how raunchy they might be. That’s why today’s episode is probably going to be one of my favorites of 2016. Tucker is the kind of guy who recognizes opportunities for success and isn’t afraid to capitalize on them. He’s willing to take the risks some of us would like to avoid, but he’s also smart enough now to realize that this success doesn’t entitle him to anything. “There are a lot of ways to get money that doesn’t create value,” he says, and creating the type of success that brings value to yourself and your business is exactly what he’s talking about today. Tucker also shares:

  • What it feels like to actually write a book and have it published
  • The difference between authorship and filmmaking
  • What working with Hollywood is really like (and it’s surprisingly terrible)
  • How transforming arrogance into confidence influenced his business model
  • How to keep your eye on the prize without being distracted by the glitz and glamour of success

You can read more about Tucker’s adventures on his website at www.tuckermax.com, or start the conversation directly through email at tuckermax@gmail.com. And see how he’s transforming the publishing industry at www.bookinabox.com

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