Episode 26: Jacqui Chew on Finding Strength and Being Accountable

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My guest today is Jacqui Chew, she is the license holder of TedxPeachtree and founder of iFusion Marketing. Jacqui came from Singapore to the United States to get her college education. She shares her initial culture shock to the US and how education is a lot different in Singapore. Jacqui received her education at the University of Hawaii. She lived in Hawaii for 10 years before moving to Atlanta, Georgia.

After a very unconventional job interview Jacqui was able to get on with a public relations firm as a PR coordinator. She founded iFusion in 2006 and since then she has been trying to maintain her personal brand as a “do what you say” company. Jacqui likes to keep the user experience at the fore-front of her events. She sees herself as a steward of the Tedx brand and wants the events she is a part of to be successful. She is a firm believer that most problems can be fixed from the inside out and simply asking “why?” Some of the other topics Jacqui and I discuss are:

  • How adversity is good.
  • Why reputation is everything.
  • The difference between reputation and image.
  • The difference between a mentor, an advisor, a coach, and a psychiatrist.
  • The importance of following up with such people.
  • The 4 “legs” of the TedxPeachtree “stool” (event.)

Jacqui her her own personal site. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Flickr.

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