Episode 28: Jeff Hilimire on Mobile Development and Giving Back

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Today I invited Jeff Hilimire to the show.  Jeff is the CEO of
Dragon Army a mobile app developer. Jeff is a father to five children and still makes time to give back to his community through nonprofit organizations. Jeff has created the event 48in48 a two day programming event where qualified programmers design professional websites for nonprofit organizations. He also works with homeless veterans by teaching them how to write computer code so they can add a skill set for job hunting.

Jeff began his coding and programming career with a company he started with some friends out of his parents’ basement. SpunLogic began as a website design company, but was soon bought up by Publicis and grew to enormous size.

His current company Dragon Army focuses solely on mobile apps, mobile websites, and mobile consulting for businesses. Jeff has handled staffs as small as 10 to 150 people over the course of his career. He has seen the mobile trend grow and predicts it to be a lasting industry in the future.

Jeff shares some of the lessons he has learned in the mobile industry as well as these following topics:

  • How SpunLogic began and how it grew and changed with Jeff and his team.
  • How to take a skill like programming and make it a business.
  • The future of Mobile marketing.
  • Why Television is a dead market.
  • How to maintain a positive business culture.
  • How Dragon Army began.
  • Trends Jeff sees on the horizon for the mobile industry.
  • How to spot a real business opportunity vs. a fad.
  • Jeff’s involvement with Leadership Atlanta
  • Jeff’s organization MATCH.
  • The 48-48 event and its impact.
  • The Homegrown project.

No matter how big his company gets Jeff still finds time for his family, business, and his nonprofit activities. He is a well disciplined guy who is a great example on how to juggle life. To reach out to Jeff Hilimire visit jeffhilimire.com.

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