Episode 3: Ian Campbell on How to Pitch A Tech Startup Idea To Investors

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Dreaming of starting you own company but don’t know how to look for funding? Or do you have a product that going to take the consumer world by storm but you lack the funds to develop it? Listen to how Ian Campbell funded his startup company Nextinput. The company that provides MEMS-based force sensing solution, their flagship product, the ForceTouch Sensor and User Experience, is going to give the other techno companies a run for their money. Just imagine a better and highly responsive touchpad for gadgets or wearing 3D watches on your wrist when jogging and you’ll get an idea.

Ian is a seasoned technology developer who designed and produced many consumer products and technologies that we see everyday. He started out in his career designing automated manufacturing lines for companies such as Nokia, General Motors and Mercedes-Benz. Then he went on to Georgia Tech Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, where he worked as an embedded systems engineer. Then after receiving his MBA from Georgia Tech, he worked as a consultant for Booz Allen Hamilton and Value Prism Consulting. He now specializes in Corporate Strategies and Operations, New Technology Development, Product and Embedded Systems Development.

He is currently the founder and the Chief Operating Officer of Nextinput, not to mention that he’s also the co-inventor and developer of their award-winning product the ForceTouch technology, an invention that is making your touchpads, laptops, mobile phones and anything to do with touch technology, even better. The solutions they developed enables the 3D technology to replace mechanical buttons and even the knobs in watches. Their 3D ForceTouch Consoles provides intuitive touch-zones for comfort, entertainment and mission critical vehicle HMI.

Episode Highlights

  •      What’s different about raising money in Silicon Valley to fund start-ups.
  •      Why pitching a ‘dumb’ idea to investors is never a good idea.
  •      When to pivot your company direction and how to execute those necessary changes.
  •      Waiting for the right Angel Investor, why first impressions don’t really last.
  •      How to pick your Board of Advisors and delegating leadership to the more experienced.

Ian talks about handling rejection when he first started pitching his product to investors. He remembers the time when Steve Nasiri, of Invensense walked away from Ian’s ‘dumb’ idea the first time he had heard it. Twelve months later, Steve came back and provided inputs that lead to the changes of the product, he was very impressed this time and decided help provide funding for the company. Ian learned a lot of hard lessons along the road to success and now understands that no matter how brilliant you are, there’s always room for more growth.

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