Episode 30: Jason Keath on Networking and Social Marketing

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My guest today is Jason Keath. Jason is the founder of Social Fresh Conference, the blogger behind The Social Media Current, and author of the book The Case for More Bad Ideas. Jason tells me about his need to be creative and how that has overflowed into his daily life. Jason is a consultant for brainstorming committees in big corporations. His observations are used to make the team and business run more efficiently.

Jason always makes it a point to be himself no matter what the platform. He also prides himself on being a problem solver. He began Social Fresh in response to what he was seeing in his consulting jobs. Clients were interested in social media, but were not investing enough for it to work properly. Social Fresh Conference is a place where businesses can learn about social media so they can make better informed discussions.

Jason has hosted 17 Social Fresh Conferences since it’s start. What started out as a twice a year event, is now one date with over 1000 attendees. Jason says that surveys play a big part in his organization efforts. The conference has been helpful to many companies and vendors. Jason shares some stories he has heard about job opportunities, networking success stories, and even marriages that have come out of the conference.

We also talk about these topics:

  • The 3 idea approach (2 thoroughbreds and 1 Unicorn.)
  • Jason’s 3 tips for getting any idea off the ground.
  • EO Alchemy Conference in Las Vegas.
  • How Jason adapts his presentations to his audience.
  • The importance of outsourcing.

Jason can be found on Twitter @jasonkeath, or socialfresh.com. You can also read the latest blog post at The Social Media Current.

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:

Social Fresh Conference

The Social Media Current

The Case for More Bad Ideas

EO Alchemy

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