Episode 32: Jay Samit on Life as a Serial Entrepreneur

In Podcast by Christien Louviere


My guest is Jay Samit the author of Disrupt You. Jay has worked with some of the biggest companies, like Coca Cola, General Motors, and LinkedIn. Today he is CEO of Seachange International. On today’s episode Jay talks about his book and what has lead him to be one of the go to guys for start ups.

Jay considers himself a serial entrepreneur. He says there are 2 things that are needed to start a business. Insight, and persistence. The job of an entrepreneur is to identify the problem and then hire those who can help solve that problem.

Jay and I talk about these topics:

  • What Disrupt You is about
  • Why there is no such thing as a secure job
  • How to work backwards (goal to the present)
  • Why conferences are great business opportunities
  • Why problem solving is the future

Jay can be found on jaysamit.com. His book Disrupt You has a companion workbook that can be downloaded from his website. Jay can also be found on Twitter @jaysamit.

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