Episode 33: David Hornik on Investing in Startups and Finding Purpose

In Podcast by Christien Louviere


I invited David Hornik to the show today. David is the general partner of August Capital. He is a venture capitalist who has invested in many of the rockstars in the startup world.

David took an unconventional path to venture capitalism. He was able to establish his own Music  major at Stanford, but soon went to Cambridge for his masters in law. He spent time as a public defender and eventually found himself in corporate law.

He found an exciting world in Silicon Valley where he could help people “change the world.” He has invested in businesses like Avant Credit and Splunk. He was the first venture capitalist to write a blog on the subject.

David stresses the importance of placing the people in a startup above the idea. It is the relationship that makes the investment worthwhile.

We discussed these topics on today’s episode:

  • How Silicon Valley really works.
  • David’s involvement with Defy Ventures.
  • How the economy has changed David’s approach to investing.
  • David’s work ethic and how that affects his life.
  • David’s projects such as Venture Blog, Venture Cast, and The Lobby conference.

To really connect with David you’ll need to make a connection with the community at large. However he does have an email at Hornik@augustcap.com. He suggests any messages be personable if you want to make contact.

Resources from Today’s Episode:

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Defy Ventures

Venture Blog

Venture Cast

The Lobby

Lobby Enterprise

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