Episode 35: Kim Fischer on Making the Most of Social Media as a News Anchor

In Personal Branding by Christien Louviere


My guest today is Kim Fischer. Kim is a news anchor for ABC channel 4 in Salt Lake City, UT. I was first introduced to Kim when she was working in some of the big markets of Texas. She has worked in San Antonio and Dallas, and has managed to connect with every community she serves. Kim is able to do this through social media.

She began using Twitter as a way to see what her community was concerned about before the industry saw the potential of the platform. Kim sees social media as an indispensable tool in her work and has learned the hard way when to pull back from the platform. She is known for approachability and tireless work with various non-profit groups. Some of those groups include women’s’ issues, children protection, and animal welfare groups.

On today’s episode Kim tells me about working in huge markets like Dallas and how social media helped her connect with the community. She also tells me about her road to Salt Lake and how she has embraced the idea of paying it forward.

The topics we covered are:

  • How social media worked for Kim
  • Kim’s response to the inevitable trolls on social media
  • The value of time and skills
  • How to build a personal brand when tied to another brand
  • How social media has to change with your life changes
  • The problems and obstacles facing journalism today

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:

Kim can be seen on Salt Lake City ABC 4. She also has a Twitter handle @ABC4Kim.


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