Episode 36: Alex Cherry on Shaking Up the Routine

In Personal Branding by Christien Louviere

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My guest today is graphic designer Alex Cherry. Alex began his career as a graphic artist for the television show Star Trek. Raised in Los Angeles, Alex quit high school at the age of 16. Soon he found web design and began posting his work online. This lead to his first artistic jobs.

Alex was always interested in art and the creative lifestyle. His work is heavily influenced by music, specifically the band, Nine Inch Nails. Alex discusses his inspiration and how he is able to keep “the water fresh.”

The topics we cover today are:

  • Living in a world with labels
  • Alex’s experience in New York at the School of Visual Arts
  • How to make your work public
  • How art is interpretive by the viewer
  • Why social connection is important
  • How Alex stays authentic

I really appreciate Alex’s story because it really speaks to the importance of keeping one job while pursuing a goal. Alex can be found on Instagram and his website cherry.ac. To email him you can reach him at alex@cherry.ac.

Resources Mentioned Today:



Deviant Art

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