Episode 37: Jil Wyland on Persuading an Audience

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My guest today is Jil Wyland, she is the founder of Litigation Presentation and more recently 3DPtree.  Jil found a niche in the legal system that used her background in graphic design. She has been in the scenario recreation business for 15 years.

Her newer company 3DPtree is a 3D rendering company that makes 3D models for costume designers in the movie industry. Jil built her companies from scratch and learned every possible lesson a rookie can learn.

On today’s episode Jil tells me about the early days of Litigation Presentation and what the whole experience taught her.

The topics we talked about today are:

  • How Jil started her business
  • How networking helped in getting her first client
  • Learning how to sell to yourself
  • The best pricing strategy for a new business
  • How to delegate your business
  • The importance of a business plan

Jil can be reached by email at jwyland@3dptree.com.

Resources Mentioned During Today’s Episode:


Litigation Presentation

Innocence Project


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