Episode 39: Jory Des Jardins on the Importance and Evolution of Digital Media

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My guest today is Jory Des Jardins, the co-founder of BlogHer and general social media strategist. Jory got her start at Penguin a traditional print media company, but soon found her voice and passion in blogging. She has since sold BlogHer and focused on working in an advisory capacity.  Although she is still creating content as well.

On today’s episode Jory and I discuss how social media has changed everything from traditional marketing to the publishing industry. Jory is involved in several advisory boards and has become a seasoned public speaker on the topics of publishing and marketing.

During our talk Jory shares these topics:

  • How media has changed with social (digital) media.
  • What an impression is and why it’s important to digital content.
  • How to pivot a skill set.
  • Jory’s experience in sales.
  • Why everybody is in the business of selling.
  • The way blogging really works.
  • The future of blogging and the shift to Medium.
  • The importance of direct communication.
  • How to use advisors the right way.

To get more information about Jory find her on LinkedIn to connect.

Resources mentioned during today’s episode:

Jory on LinkedIn

SheKnows Media

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