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Episode 4: Kevin Nemeth on Mastering Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Marketing is a marketing campaign that focuses mainly on specific key individuals rather than targeting the market as a whole. It will look for a brand representative who can become the voice of your target market. Digital marketing might be a trendy career nowadays, but where do you start? Today’s guest is someone who understands the value of capitalizing on that technique, how to sell a variety of products and reinvent the brand for any product under the sun.

Kevin Nemeth is a seasoned digital marketing expert, who is currently the Director of Digital Marketing at L’oreal Matrix U.S. Division. He is man responsible for the rebranding of HSN. After graduating at Radford University with a degree in Media Studies, he transferred to Washington D.C. with aspirations to become a great sports journalist. When he realized that it couldn’t pay for the rent, he decided to switch careers and ended up working in the digital marketing industry. After his journalism career he moved to AOL to become a co-host for Sports Blogger Live with Jamie and Chris Mottram up until it was bought by TWC. And he has now moved on to the beauty product industry.

Episode Highlights

  •       How Kevin’s journalism career has spanned sports and celebrity reporting.
  •       What went wrong with AOL’s brand after TWC acquired it.
  •       Michelle Phan and why personal branding pays off.
  •       Content writing and all aspects of digital marketing.
  •       Pivoting careers and taking in more skills as you go along.
  •       Current trends that will stay – crowdsourcing and influencers.

Kevin talks about the how powerful a tool digital marketing has become through the years. He discusses the evolution of moving away from the paper printing media to the digital marketing media. The effect of that the current media influencers on the internet play whenever a new product comes out and personal branding has become a very powerful key to create higher sales margins. He also talks about educating and broadening skillsets as you go deep diving into the digital marketing arena. The more knowledge about analytics, content writing and strategies, means more doors will open up for someone who is looking into starting a career in this industry.

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