Episode 40: Chris Baccus on Marketing and Brand Awareness

In Personal Branding, Podcast by Christien Louviere

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My guest today is Chris Baccus, a seasoned marketing professional. He has worked with tons of great international brands like AT&T, Nintendo, Ford, and most recently commercial real estate. His speciality is digital marketing.

According to Chris marketing is driven by brand awareness, it is the endgame for all brands.Today Chris tells me how he feels about social media’s role in sales and why having a platform is important to your brand and career   

The points of our conversation are listed below:

  • How marketing and sales work together
  • How to make a pivot between brands and companies
  • Why you shouldn’t rush your career path
  • The difference between PR and Marketing
  • How modern social media is relationship based
  • Advice for newcomers to social media
  • The importance of a personal network

Resources Mentioned Today:

Chris Twitter

Chris’s blog: Sustainable Dad

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