Episode 41: Stephanie Carls on Building Her Own Niche

In Personal Branding, Podcast by Christien Louviere

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My guest today is Stephanie Carls. Stephanie is a Client Success Manager for Rivet, an online content generator platform. Stephanie got her start with Tweetheart TV on Youtube. Her love of media and video has been her driving influence in her career.

Today, Stephanie tells me about her early days in social media and how she was able to build her own niche in the market. Branding is something Stephanie knows a lot about and she shares with me some of the insights she has learned about personal branding.

The main points of our conversation are below:

  • How content making is really just storytelling
  • Why major brands will always adapt to the market
  • Personal Brand vs. Personal Brand Platform
  • Why you need to know your strengths
  • Social Fresh Conference
  • Why networking is important
  • How Stephanie would start today
  • How to keep personal and professional lives separate
  • The changing culture and opportunities in Austin, Texas

Resources from Today’s Episode:

Stephanie’s website My Savvy Life

Rivet Works

Leave Your Mark, by: Aliza Licht

Steal Like an Artist, by: Austin Kleon

Social Fresh

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