Episode 42: Aaron Hillegass on Technology and the Big Nerd Ranch

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My guest today is Aaron Hillegass, the founder and CEO of Big Nerd Ranch. Big Nerd Ranch is a training camp for technology developers. Aaron and his company work with all types of developers from independent freelancers to big corporations needing to keep up with current trends.

Aaron really found his need to be useful to customers at NeXt, the company Steve Jobs started after leaving Apple. Aaron learned the right way to run a tech company and applied it to his own desire to fill a need in the industry. The answer he came up with was Big Nerd Ranch, the company has become a major success and Aaron himself has been named one of Forbes’ Top Stock Brokers.

Today Aaron tells us about his time at NeXt and what really drove him to build Big Nerd Ranch.

Some of the topics we discuss today are:

  • Working at NeXt with Steve Jobs
  • Lessons learned by his time in the tech industry
  • Aaron’s definition of strategy
  • How to avoid Imposter Syndrome
  • Big Nerd Ranch’s future
  • Aaron’s involvement with Mortgage Back Securities
  • Aaron’s  views on education
  • Why empathy is important in business
  • The changing environment of Silicon Valley and the industry in general
  • Aaron’s gratitude to his father

Resources Mentioned Today:

Big Nerd Ranch

Aaron’s Twitter

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