Episode 43: Paul Ollinger on Mixing Comedy and Business

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

My guest today is Paul Ollinger the author of You Should Totally Get an MBA and stand up comedian. Paul attended Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and graduated with his MBA. During his time in school he learned he was “the funny guy.” He enjoyed honing his act on stage and found himself working for the then new Yahoo in the early years of the internet.

After some time at Yahoo, Paul decided he wanted to pursue standup comedy full time. So he left the company and began hosting at the Improv during 2005 to 2007. He lived out his dream and got to see some of the greats take the stage like Bob Saget and Roseanne Barr.

Once Paul was settled down he heard about this new company, Facebook. He joined the team and watched one of the internet’s biggest juggernauts take over the social media industry. On today’s episode Paul tells me about this unconventional ride and how comedy has always helped him offer a unique perspective.

Some of the topics Paul tells us about are:

  • Paul’s love affair with comedy and how he found it
  • The benefits of business school
  • Comedy for friends vs. Comedy for strangers
  • How not to be “that guy”
  • Working for Yahoo and Launch.com
  • The move to stand up comedy
  • How to develop an act
  • Paul’s motivations for stand up
  • How Paul got his big break
  • The importance of commitment to the craft of comedy
  • Working for Facebook
  • What Paul is up to today and his book

To learn more about Paul visit his website link below or any other of his social media platforms below in the resources section.

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You Should Totally Get an MBA: A Comedian’s Guide to Top U.S. Business Schools

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