Episode 44: Debby Stone on How to Help People Reach New Levels

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My guest today is Debby Stone of Novateur Partners. Debby is an executive coach. She specializes in helping people who are at a point in their careers where they need guidance to the next level. Her biggest selling point is helping people find what they are without the title. Debby believes titles are confining and she wants people to build off what they do well without the definitions.

On today’s episode Debby tells us how she does this for her clients. We talk about how she found herself in this career and why she loves it. Debby has also written a book called The Art of Self Promotion.

Some of the topics we discuss today are below:

  • Why titles are not useful
  • How relationships are key
  • Asking the right questions
  • The 2 ingredients of Debby’s success
  • Why reaching out to platforms are important
  • Why Debby enjoys what she does
  • Debby’s book
  • What is executive presence
  • How high performers can use Debby’s services
  • What Fierce Love is
  • Why social media needs to be embraced
  • Identifying your primary motives and core values

Resources Mentioned Today

Novateur Partners

The Art of Self Promotion

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