Episode 45: Miranda Barry on the Entertainment Industry and the American Eucation System

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My guest today is Miranda Barry, the senior director of Fable Learning at Isabella Products. Miranda began her career after attending Stanford. She began her working life in sales. From sales, she stepped into an acting career. This acting career lead to a job in independent film. Her film experience lead to a children’s television career. Taking what she learned from children’s television, she helps develop educational products for schools and libraries.

On today’s episode, Miranda tells me how she was able to pivot to all these forms of media. Her impressive resume makes for an informative discussion about the entertainment industry and the American education system.

The topics we discussed today were:

  • Miranda’s experience while working at American Playhouse
  • Why Sesame Street was so successful
  • The recurring interest in Ghostwriter
  • How the independent film industry has changed
  • Miranda’s background in door to door sales
  • The importance of doing something worthwhile
  • How relationships help and shape your career
  • Miranda’s advice for newcomers to the media industry
  • Why people need to take their careers into their own hands
  • The future of one-on-one technology in education

To learn more about Miranda Barry, go to isabellaproducts.com, and email her at miranda.barry@isabellaproducts.com.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Isabella Products

Fable Learning

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