Episode 47: Lani Rosales on Building a Content Producing Business

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

My guest today is Lani Rosales, the Chief Operating Officer for The American Genius, an entrepreneur news site. She founded the site with her husband, Ben. Lani works with the site’s sales team and writing team.

On today’s episode Lani tells me how she and her husband started theamericangenius.com and how they made the pivot from a blog to a news format. We also discuss the work/life balance and what Lani thinks about their growth.

The topics we discussed today were:

  • Working in the content producing industry
  • How theamericangenius.com began
  • What it’s like for Lani to work with her husband
  • Why you can’t make everybody happy
  • What it means to be transparent
  • What it means to be truthful
  • Being truthful vs. being transparent
  • How to make processes
  • How to collect content for the general public
  • Lani’s experience with sales
  • Big Ass Social Happy Hour
  • Why you need a “common enemy”
  • Lani’s advice for newcomers
  • The rise of “passive reading”
  • Lani’s opinion of Medium

Resources Mentioned Today:


The Big Ass Social Happy Hour (BASHH)



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