Episode 48: Paul Brandon on Starting His Own Web Design and Branding Company

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My guest today is Paul Brandon. Paul is a web designer who has built a successful interactive branding company. The company is called Vehicle Media and it keeps our guest super busy. Vehicle Media is an Atlanta based company that specializes in both traditional and digital media.

Paul began his career as a web designer who built websites for sale. It’s an interesting “underground” world that Paul tells us about during the interview. We learn about the digital world and some of the dangers he tries to avoid.

We also talk about Paul’s band Quaildogs. He is the lead guitarist and has played with the band for 4 years, During that time they have played some high profile shows, including Bonnaroo.

Paul shares his passion for music with me and how he was able to make Vehicle Media the success it is today.

Today’s Topics:

  • What does Vehicle Media do
  • How Paul found himself in Atlanta
  • What is “the dark web”
  • How selling websites can be “gray”
  • How Vehicle Media started
  • How the business has grown
  • Paul’s advice for newcomers to digital media
  • Why Facebook is good for business
  • Why Paul doesn’t have much of a social media presence
  • How to deal or plan around hackers
  • The story of Quaildogs
  • Paul’s jam session with Counting Crows member Adam Duritz

To get in touch with Paul, you can email him at paul@vehiclemedia.com.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Vehicle Media



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