Episode 49: Kyle Porter on Relaunching a Startup and Lessons Learned Along the Way

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My guest today is Kyle Porter. Kyle is the CEO of SalesLoft. His first try at the startup ended badly, but Kyle came back with a new plan and made the company a success story, So many entrepreneurs are discouraged by a startup failure. Kyle shares how he got through it and how others can do it.

During today’s episode we talk about the relaunch of SalesLoft and the changes Kyle made to make it work. He also talks about the importance of a supportive family and how he supported his family in return. Kyle’s story is encouraging and inspiring, so if you’re sitting back at zero or just haven’t jumped yet because you’re scared of failure this episode is ideal for you.

The points from Kyle’s interview:

  • The difference between a salesperson and an entrepreneur
  • What failure was like for Kyle
  • Why you should be transparent with investors when the company is failing
  • Kyle’s connection with David Cummings
  • How Kyle made the connection
  • How to build a company with “core” or personal values
  • How to build your personal platform within an industry
  • What Kyle means when he says “Hustler”
  • Why “sales” actually means “service”
  • The value Kyle places on family

To reach Kyle you can email him at kyle@salesloft.com.  He can also be found on Twitter @kyleporter.

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