Episode 5: GenZ Edition with Sara

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Welcome to the Sell Personal Podcast Episode 5.  Today is a Bonus Generation Zeedition, which are all geared towards the Growth Marketing pros in the crowd.  The goal of these episodes is to give marketers insights into what technologies are coming into favor, and what are falling out – all from Generation Z leaders directly.

Today I’m talking with Sara from New Orleans who is 12 years old, and has some really fantastic insights into the consumer technologies we’re all trying to master for our marketing efforts.  Instagram, Vine, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat all are essential tools for marketers, but are you using the right tool for your audience?  And how about gender differences between the tools?

Podcasting is so in vogue in the online marketing space now, but is it connecting with the younger audience?  Surprisingly the Gen Z crowd is more into internet radio than podcasts.  Growing up with terrestrial radio, a substitute for this that mimics their on the go lifestyle is more familiar than something as structured as a podcast.  Spotify and iTunes Radio are favorites because of their scope, cost (essentially free), and ease of use.  

Sara is an avid volleyball player and has some really interesting insight into the dynamic between players on her team.  Obstacles along the path are just opportunities to overcome and to win.  Specifically, Sara thinks that there is a gender difference in how they handle these obstacles.  Interesting how some stereotypes and habits are formed at an early age, isn’t it?

The landscape of education is changing just as rapidly as the social media tool of the day.  With the external influences of the connected world it is increasingly difficult for educators to bring students’ minds back into the classroom.  

College?  Yes, it’s still valuable to most Gen Z’ers.

  • The three apps that top the list of most used:  Snapchat, Messages, and Facetime.  
  • Favorite item that costs less than $100:  Sephora beauty products
  • Most Annoying thing kids her age do: Overposting on Social Media
  • Favorite Band:  One Direction
  • Favorite Female Singer:  Taylor Swift
  • Dream Job:  Teacher, Doctor or Lawyer
  • Favorite Show on Netflix: Leave it to Beaver (yes, the original one!)


“Sara is highly personable and a natural leader. She’s very tuned into the psychology of individuals that helps her lead groups on her team or at school. When Sara speaks, I can hear that she has a confidence about her that is 5 years ahead of her peers.” – Christien Louviere

Thank you so much for tuning in today. I look forward to seeing your comments about today’s episode. If you enjoyed listening to this podcast, please don’t forget to leave a review in iTunes,

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