Episode 50: Ben Louviere on Turning a Can-Do Attitude into a Multi-Million Dollar Business

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Welcome to my 50th episode! My guest is one of my greatest influences, entrepreneur, and my father Ben Louviere. Ben is a jack of all trades who built a huge network through his numerous job experiences. After going out into the world with the plan of coming back to his father’s company; he was pushed into taking over the company after his father’s death. Ben was 23 years old.

Ben became the president of Creole Engineering in New Orleans. He came into the business with nothing more than a “can do” attitude. Ben tells us how he took a 15 year old company with $2000 in the bank account and built it to a multi-million dollar company.

Ben walks us through his crash course in his father’s business and the trends he got behind before anybody else. These trends kept him and the company far ahead of the competition. His keen business mind kept Creole Engineering going strong with him at the helm for 25 years. He also tells us how Hurricane Katrina affected his business and how he went forward.

Here are the points from today’s episode:

  • Ben’s business background
  • How job hunting worked in 1960s New Orleans
  • How the Vietnam War changed New Orleans
  • What happened the night Ben’s father died
  • Dealing with the aftermath of the death
  • Ben’s first day at Creole Engineering
  • Things Ben’s father did wrong in the business
  • Ben’s learning curve and challenges in the beginning
  • The trends Ben was able to get into over the course of 25 years
  • Ben’s Hurricane Katrina experience
  • Why Ben continued working even after retirement

If you have an interest in reaching out to Ben, email him at ben.louviere@gmail.com.

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