Episode 51: Tom Cox on Being the Change You Want to See

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I welcome Tom Cox to the podcast today. Tom is a former Army Combat Medic and satellite controller who turned entrepreneur in civilian life. Tom has been involved in a lot of startup projects, but his most recent has the potential to change the world.

Tom is CEO of Candl. A hand held device that acts as a personal wifi hotspot and sim-less radio. The units are about the size of a beer can and also include a flashlight, battery power, a hand crank, and solar panels. Tom’s device is meant to help people in disastrous situations keep in touch with people who can help them or family.

After seeing the turmoil over in Syria, Tom got the idea for Candl. He took inspiration from the Tom’s shoes model of for every purchase one is sent to someone in a war zone or natural disaster area. This technology can help those who have had internet access denied or unavailable.

On today’s episode Tom tells us about his experience in the Army and NSA.  He also tells us about his hopes for Candl.

The points of today’s conversation:

  • Tom’s time in the army.
  • Why he chose to control satellites.
  • Why Tom made the move to NSA..
  • How to find the right product idea.
  • How to build the best team.
  • How Tom branded his company.
  • Tom’s mindset about sales.
  • The “check or restraining order” strategy.
  • The influences for Candl.
  • Entrepreneurs vs. “Wantrepreneurs”

To get in touch with Tom visit the Candl website. Email Tom at Tom@getcandl.com.



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