Episode 52: John Rampton on Business Building Through Strong Connections

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My guest today is John Rampton the founder and CEO of Due.com. John came to Silicon Valley from Utah and threw himself into the world of startups. John had a rough start in life, but took the lessons to be successful in his adulthood.

During today’s episode John tells us about the early days of his career and how he builds his business.

The topics we covered today:

  • How John makes press connections.
  • How John built his company.
  • The role trust plays in connections and company building.
  • Where John gets his content ideas.
  • Why John chooses to work in “crowded” startup spaces.
  • Why working in a niche is ideal.
  • How John uses marketing.
  • Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others.
  • How John relates to people.
  • How to be effective during the work day.
  • Why you need to be realistic in business.

Resources Mentioned Today:


John Rampton

John Rampton on Twitter

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