Episode 53: Marcus Whitney on Being a Serial Entrepreneur

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My guest today is Marcus Whitney of Jumpstart Foundry. Marcus is the co-founder of Jumpstart Foundry, a healthcare startup platform. He has made a name for himself as a serial entrepreneur and public speaker.

He has recently joined the board of the USL (United Soccer League.) He has given a successful TEDx talk and has written the book Create+Orchestrate. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in 12 hours!

On today’s episode Marcus tells us what the TEDx talk experience is like for the speaker and how he was able to use his talking points to develop Jumpstart. We discuss the crowdfunding campaign and the importance of “hustle” in business.

Today’s points:

  • Why Marcus became involved in the USL.
  • How he prepared for his TEDx talk.
  • How the TEDx talk changed Marcus’s business.
  • What is Jumpstart Foundry?
  • Why startups in the south don’t see the same funding as a coastal startup.
  • What does “hustling” really mean in business?
  • Create + Orchestrate and the Kickstarter campaign that began it.
  • Going from a “wantrepreneur” to an entrepreneur.
  • Mentorship vs. Inspiration

If you would like to connect with Marcus Whitney, you can find him on twitter @marcuswhitney.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Jumpstart Foundry

Create + Orchestrate

April 2014 TEDx Talk

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