Episode 54: Susan Su on Growth Marketing

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My guest today is Susan Su the growth marketer of 500 Startups, a startup seed investment firm. 500 Startups is a world wide investment firm that has 1600 active investments. It has an accelerator program that helps founders who need a little boost.

Susan has a technical background with her experience in Palo Alto and Google. She has worked with Ramit Sethi the author of I Will Teach You to be Rich. This impressive resume has given Susan a unique take on the business world. On today’s episode she tells us about these experiences and what she learned from them.

Here are the points of our conversation:

  • What is 500 Startups.
  • How accelerators work.
  • What is a growth marketer.
  • Susan’s time at Stanford.
  • Her time with Americorps.
  • Working with Google.
  • Working with Ramit Sethi.
  • Why being able to negotiate is important.
  • How to find a mentorship or apprenticeship.
  • Why failure doesn’t exist.
  • Why taking care of yourself is important.

Resources Mentioned Today:


Susan’s LinkedIn

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500 Startups

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