Episode 56: Sarah Riegelhuth on Life as an Entrepreneur, Author, Money and Finance Expert

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My guest today is Sarah Riegelhuth the co-founder of Wealth Enhancers. She also co-founded a networking group called the League of Extraordinary of Women. Sarah began her businesses in Australia, but has since moved to the US. She studied photography in college, but chose financial planning in the long run. She also traveled Europe for three years. Sarah explains how that prepared her for entrepreneurship.  

On today’s episode Sarah tells me how they started their startup and why she chose the financial educational platform.

We discuss what the education system is missing for the Y generation (Millennials in the US.) Sarah tells us what Wealth Enhancers offers to their customers and what she thinks a newcomer to startups needs to know.

Here are the points from today’s conversation:

  • Sarah’s changing opinion about passion.
  • Working with the Y generation.
  • How the financial education sector is changing.
  • What is missing from the educational system for this generation.
  • Why budgets are important.
  • How Sarah and Finn started their business.
  • The importance of understanding your company culture.
  • How Wealth Enhancers has evolved over time.
  • How Sarah copes with stress.
  • Sarah’s advice for getting PR for your business.
  • Is writing a book a good move for your business?

If you want to reach Sarah visit Wealth Enhancers and check out The League of Extraordinary Women. She has a large social media presence, so finding her on Instagram and Twitter will be fairly easier.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Wealth Enhancers

The League of Extraordinary Women

Sarah’s LinkedIn

Sarah’s Twitter

Sarah’s Instagram

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