Episode 57: Roddy Gibbs on Following an Unconventional Path

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My guest today is Roddy Gibbs. Roddy is a writer, former business owner, and more recently a demand generator for Sellhack. As a kid who grew up in Pennsylvania, Roddy moved to San Diego in his early 20s and took an unconventional path to where he is today.

Since the time of our recording, Roddy has stepped into a new role as Product Marketing Manager for Total Loyalty Solutions, which designs custom mobile Apps for primarily restaurants. As you’ll see from the episode – this seems to be quite the fit.

On today’s episode Roddy tells me about the challenges he encountered  while learning what his role was in business. We discuss his parents and their teachings of mindful meditation and how that has helped him through his life.  At the age of 23 Roddy developed arthritis in his spine, it completely changed his life and strengthened his relationship with his family. We discuss how that affected his life and business and how his life view in general changed,

Roddy is a prime example of there being many paths to success and today he tells me about his.

Here are today’s points:

  • What is a Demand Generation?
  • How Mindful Stress Reduction came into Roddy’s life.
  • Roddy’s time in San Diego and the lessons learned.
  • Working for Thrillist.
  • The development of spine arthritis and the process of coping with it.
  • Working on The Mindful Way to Study.
  • Working with Roddy’s dad.
  • How to deal with negativity.
  • Criticizing vs. Insulting
  • Being a “Confident Generalist.”
  • Roddy’s advice for newcomers.

If you are interested in reaching out to Roddy Gibbs, you can email him at roddy@roddygibbs.com.

Resources Mentioned Today:

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The Mindful Way to Study: Dancing with your Books

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