Episode 58: Jessica Sargus on Applying Fight Training Principles in Everyday Life

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My guest today is Jessica Sargus. Jessica is a lawyer by trade who found boxing during her time in law school. She has since then became a fight coach and motivational speaker. Jessica is also an amateur MMA fighter.

She uses her boxing training to empower women and others who might need a boost in confidence. On today’s episode Jessica tells me why she got into boxing and what she has learned from the experience She is really committed to helping others find their potential.

We also discuss how this passion has helped her professionally and she offers advice on how to take fight training principles into your everyday life.

Here are the points from today’s episode:

  • How Jessica found boxing.
  • Why women are better at fight training.
  • Why boxing can be hard to watch.
  • How Jessica used boxing to cope with law school.
  • Why she feels compelled to help the LGBTQ community.
  • How she decides how to pivot in her brand.
  • How she manages her brand.
  • The importance of being authentic.
  • How to overcome mental hurdles.
  • The importance of saying “no.”

If you want to connect with Jessica you can find her on her website jesssargus.life or email her at jessica@jesssargus.life.

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