Episode 59: Daley Ervin on Finding the Confidence to Succeed

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My guest today is Daley Ervin. Daley is a self-described “tech guy” who has recently broken the American record at the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Challenge. On today’s episode Daley will tell me about his early days in the Airbnb business and how he got there to sitting in the middle of the Atlantic with his rowing partner Phil Theodore.

Daley talks about why he enjoys endurance races and how he personally prepares for them. He explains why he made a deal with ReadyPac to make a 4 million dollar donation to national food banks. Daley is a great example of mental toughness and finding the confidence to get your ideas out there.

Here are today’s points:

  • Daley’s time in Europe.
  • His time with Airbnb.
  • Why people need to “keep showing up” to build confidence in their business.
  • The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge
  • Why Daley takes part in endurance races.
  • Why he made a deal with ReadyPac to raise over 4 million dollars.
  • How Daley met Phil Theodore.
  • What it was like rowing with Phil.
  • Confidence vs. Cockiness
  • Why ideas are all about the execution.
  • How the loner mentality helps with endurance races.

Daley Ervin can be found on Twitter and Instagram @daleyervin. You can also email Daley at daley.ervin@gmail.com.

Resources Mentioned Today

Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

Team Beyond Trailer

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