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Episode 7: Chelsea Ranger On a New Way to Effectively Measure Body Mass and Weight

In Podcast by Christien Louviere

On today’s episode, we talk to Chelsea Ranger. Chelsea is the head of business development for a company that uses MR technology to precisely measure fat and muscles in an effective way, and has created the BCP, Body Composition Profile as an adjunct to BMI to better measure body mass and weight in an effective way.

The patient is scanned into a MRI scanner and the scan is ran through the official software and returned to the hospital with a color coded scan that identifies fat and muscle locations in that patient’s body. The company was founded in 2010, and soon two major investments were given to the company.

Chelsea began her career as a physician’s assistant in the US, and then moved with her family to Norway and found a job in sales. She adds that her diverse background has allowed her to meet many intelligent people. After meeting the CEO of her team she approached him with her contact information. Soon she was called to join the sales team.

This technology is revolutionary in scientific studies. Chelsea’s company is focused on reexamining obesity and how the medical field defines it. She has been involved in 3 published works:

She created a blog focusing on her Expat (ex-patriot) experience that became very successful.  She recommends writing about things that you personally care about. Make sure your words are a universal truth.

When Chelsea moved to Norway with her family she arrived with no job, no visa, and an infant. It took 14 months to get her visa and there was a minimal amount of money. There was a large culture shock, and she struggled to establish herself. For those thinking of moving out of the US, Chelsea recommends taking the leap if you can handle the culture shock.

Take aways from today’s episode:

  • Chelsea was confident enough to approach a CEO after hearing his speech and it resulted in a great job.
  • All the job recruiters that Chelsea talked to told her to go into sales to make the jump to medical research. She took it to heart.
  • Her story of making the move from the US to Norway is inspirational.

To learn more about Chelsea you can find her on LinkedIn or email her at

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