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Episode 8: Tara Simon on Finding Your Voice and Building a Brand

In Podcast by Christien Louviere


Finding your voice as a small business leader is not an easy task. If it were, everyone would be doing it. And, not only that, they’d be succeeding. But in order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to know your brand, know your audience, and fully understand your goals. That’s why I brought Tara Simon on the podcast today. As a singer by trade, she’s had her taste of the limelight and knows exactly what it takes to build a brand based entirely on yourself and your point of view. She’s taken her singing career and transformed it into owning and running a private performing arts training program in Smyrna, Georgia.

When she tells you her story, she’ll say it started at a very humble beginning in her basement. But the truth is she worked hard, trusted her instincts, and had the confidence to do what she knew was right for herself, her husband, and the business they run together. But don’t think it was that simple. “For men, it’s a little bit easier to be confident,” she says, “but if you are a woman and you are confident you are kind of almost seen as a brat, to put it nicely.” Powering through these misconceptions, Tara’s confidence has taken her into the realm of politics, where she now uses her voice as a public service, aiming to improve education, business, even traffic in her local community. Listen in today to hear how she built her confidence, her voice, and her brand, with helpful lessons like:

  • Working through the red tape of small business ownership
  • Finding the right political models to influence her campaign and her business
  • Staying in the box and playing to your strengths
  • Balancing work and politics in order to build a successful service business

You might not realize how fame, art, politics, and business can all work together to benefit whole communities, but hearing Tara talk about what she’s trying to do for Smyrna may just inspire you to start using your own voice to catapult your business into a new realm of success.

For more information on Tara’s campaign, check out and start talking to her today. You can also reach her at her studio online at or on the phone at 404-437-7919.

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