Episode 9: Jenna Broughton on Carving out a Niche as a Writer

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What’s your hobby? Ever thought of turning that thing you love to do into a professional, well-paying career? With the right motivation and the right networking skills, you can turn your freelance or part-time gig into a professional, personal platform that can take your brand to new heights. My guest on today’s podcast let her love of writing take her from a blogger to a professional writer – with her own column! – in just a few years.

Jenna on her writing style: “Sometimes I think the best way for me is just to go sit down with a notebook and sketch out some thoughts and go from there.”

Jenna Broughton built her personal brand platform by staying true to what she loves to do, and she’s carved a niche for herself writing about food and technology. What began as a love of food and restaurants in her hometown of San Francisco has since evolved into a professional career that covers the important influence technology has over the ways we buy, cook, and plan our meals. She’s with me today to talk about how her love of writing and her love of food turned her hobby into one of the most successful writing careers I’ve ever had on my show.

Christien on building a freelancing career: “You’re going to have to find a way to have more than one source of income that’s not killing you.”


  • How to develop your own writing hobby into your personal brand and career
  • Jenna’s journey from part-time freelancer to professional writer
  • Organizing your time between your freelance and your full-time careers
  • What venture capitalists are looking for when it comes to food and technology

Jenna on her writing career: “Worry less about what you think you’re supposed to do and who you’re supposed to be and just be relentless about going after what you really want in life.”


Reach Jenna from her LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennabroughton

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