Rules or Laws? Selling SaaS in the Gray

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Are rules guidelines or the law for the masses? Many would view rules to be strictly adherent however there are a select few who regards rules as applicable to everybody else besides themselves. It could be either or…

Bending rules for your career is quite subjective, depending on what industry you are in and who you are dealing with. If you are serving internal and external customers and you constantly stick to policies and procedures, you could give off the impression of being stiff. The disadvantage of this instance could make one become too complacent with no drive to succeed by moving up the corporate ladder.

By bending it slightly gives you room to think out of the box and be creative. It appears that violating the norm can be viewed as a sign of power and control even running the risk of being perceived as rude, or maybe this even intrigues us? Getting out of your comfort zone could open a few doors; asking questions and not being afraid to say no if you manager requests something that goes against your ethics. You might gain a new respect for pushing the status quo.

You could also develop a “Hard Attitude” but you need to be capable of taking as much as you are giving. Hardness is considered a virtue as the corporate world can be tough, so you would need to have the stamina to keep up with it and at the same time openness and frankness can be a valuable attribute. Therefore you would need to learn not to take feedback personally, irrespective of how critical it can be.

Remember, it is ok to be ambitious as people are reluctant to display this in the workplace. On the flip side of the coin, people believe that bending the rules to advance your career could be seen or later even lead to dishonesty. Rules set our by society and employers could also be used to an advantage.

Yes there has been instances were people use sexual and immoral actions to help advance their career just to get the job that they want, however this is a moral issue altogether. Usually when people say we are ‘bending the rules’ its actually softening the fact that we are breaking it. We can argue that we have a right to do whatever legally possible to improve our life but if we fail to see the loopholes and not take advantages of this, someone will come around and take the gap and then a chance is missed.

How are the principles or guidelines governed by this? Is it ok to trick, cheat and misuse something or someone for one’s own gain or benefit? Once you have ‘Bent the Rule’ you soon find yourself on a slippery slope because thereafter the next rule to be broken is somewhat easier and this is how it continues.

Bend, don’t break: NFL coaches push rules to the limit…

According to Mike Pereira, Fox’s NFL rules analyst & league’s ex- director of officiating. “A lot of couches bend the rules to take creative advantages.” He refers to a playoff where the unbalanced line disguises an eligible receiver. “Bend versus break,” he says.

Players have been known to slather silicone on uniforms making them difficult to grab onto, they know they breaking the rules, but they do it anyway. ESPN sports analyst Herm Edwards says bending the rules is fine as long as you don’t break them.

The Patriots paid a hefty fine and forfeited a first-round after evidence of Spygate during 2007 season. Players and coaches will always try to get the competitive edge because their aim is to win as many games as possible. However if a rule is blatantly broken, it should be address and should be avoided in the future. Teams know the rules and know where the line should be drawn as it is set our very clearly. Nobody is perfect in the sports world and you will find instances where the rules are misunderstood, this should be addressed and clarification steps should be taken.

Jiminy Cricket once gave Pinocchio this advice:

“Always let your conscience be your guide.”

I would say this is very sound advice as your conscience would guide you in what would be perceived as right for your life. We should not be stuck at a crossroad were morality, ethics and integrity are in question.

Whether it is society, workplaces or sports, rules have worked well for the human race for many years. Passion, good attitude and enthusiasm can be very contagious, so why not do a little bending of the rules to cheer up those around you and get ahead in your career whilst doing this?

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