SellPersonal Newsletter for High Performers Vol. 1.2

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Here is your weekly curation of high performance inspiration…

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What do Jimmy Fallon, Tom Hanks and Amy Schumer all have in common? They all started at the bottom…as stand-up comedians. I’ve always admired (and looked up to) stand-up comedians. It’s so difficult to make the majority of a room laugh. These people have done it not only baring themselves naked in front of strangers but loved their craft so much that they’ve worked for literally nothing. This documentary interviews some of the most successful actors of the modern day about the trials and triumphs they’ve experienced on their journeys to success.

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Listen // Sales // Workout // Nutrition

Cole Louviere is my younger brother and also one of my favorite high performers. Learn how he made his body weight go from 200 to 300 and back down to 200 in a matter weeks simply by focusing on his diet. He discusses the key to long-term sales success and the #1 thing you should never do in a professional setting. You can hear it all on the SellPersonal Podcast Apple iTunes or Android Stitcher.


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Technology // Health // Music

How often do you get caught in the middle of a workout or a run and can’t find the perfect beat in your music? UGH! I hate it, which is why I fell in love with Spring. Unlike Spotify and iTunes, Spring actually creates playlists for you on the fly according the pace of your workout. You can actually tune your Artists and Genre too. It’s great for when you want to close your eyes and zone out on the treadmill. You can get Spring here on iTunes.

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Book // Career

I can never recommend James Altucher’s writing (in any form) enough. He bleeds on everything that he writes. We’re currently in the midst of tectonic shift with regards to employment. James provides his own stories and tactile advice on how to overcome the challenges of the traditional (and outdated) workplace. You can get the Kindle or Paperback version here.

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How to Become an Influencer // Personal Brand Platform


With all of the knowledge coming at us every second of the day, it’s hard to filter and focus on our daily routines, isn’t it? This article from First Round Venture Capital dives into human psychology and how to use it to influence your habits as well as those of others. It’s a great, quick weekend read!

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